Chef de Cuisine

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Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine occurs in the regular segment where dishes from fresh ingredients and/or processed products are prepared by vendors/compiled. The chef II is responsible for preparation of the dishes, thereby managing the entire kitchen staff and pushes an indelible mark on the culinary level of the company. The focus of the function is to coordinate as efficiently and effectively as possible preparation of food. Recipes and menus are provided  and developed by the chef de cuisine (based on knowledge and understanding of the market and margins/pricing).

What you will be doing :

Staff Management

  • arranging leave;
  • co selecting new employees ;
  • take care of the training / induction of employees ;
  • conducting assessments;
  • applying the staff instruments


(Front) cooking dishes

  • preparation of duty and work schedules and arranging adequate staffing (part-timers, call workers), classify and allocate work (to) giving directions/instructions, monitor progress;
  • estimate expected sales, prepare products planning quantities;
  • monitor culinary level of the company, (random) controlling manufacturing process and outgoing dishes and adjust if necessary the process, receiving and fielding questions, complaints, problems, etc. of guests;
  • ensure compliance with the requirements in the field of safety, occupational health and safety, HACCP and working and presentation methods (corporate).


 Optimization / menu innovation and practices

  • keep track of developments and trends in the market in terms of raw materials, composition of dishes, cooking techniques, etc.
  • provide input, or develop/customize the card to enter menus, recipes, etc.;
  • making similar calculations and discussing different menus for parties.


Procurement and supply management

  • procurement/calls for necessary products and ingredients;
  • (checked) received and stored materials;
  • Monitoring the flow responsible or not via sous – chefs and chefs de partie.

Equipment and kitchen

  • ensure the presence and availability of resources and equipment;
  • enabling external benefit of curative and preventive maintenance within agreed conditions



Knowledge and meaningful skills

  • MBO level 4/HBO work level (preferably with SVH master ‘s degree );
  • demonstrated knowledge of all cooking techniques; knowledge of the purchase of (fresh ) products/ingredients ( the composition of ) the menu.



  • seeks challenges in devising new methods, products, etc.;
  • come up with ideas that reveal a great imagination;
  • knows how to translate into substantially new products/services, trends and developments


Quality -oriented

  • corrects immediately if the requirements are not met;
  • requires feedback from guests about quality and service;
  • come up with proposals to do things better.


Attention to detail/Meticulous

  • is thorough, monitors its own activities
  • is orderly and organized working, even when transferring the work
  • operates according to established procedures, performs the necessary checks.


Stress resistance

  •  remains under difficult conditions or high pressure calm/quiet;
  •  recovers quickly after setback or disappointment;
  •  continues to work purposefully under pressure.


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